McMenamins' Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St, Bend, Oregon

Parallel 44 Presents is proud to announce Broken Down Guitars at McMenamins Old St. Francis School on Friday December 28th. Get your boots ready to stomp with these high energy folky, bluegrassy and rocky group of musicians! Music is from 7PM to 10PM for this FREE & ALL AGES show.

About Broken Down Guitars: From humble beginnings in 2008, the band has always been led by the talented and driven singer/songwriter/guitarist Stacie Lynn Johnson, known for her soulful, powerhouse vocals and passionately inspired melodies. Backed by absolutely jaw dropping guitar work from Conner Bennett, all five members of this fun and hard-working group write and interpret the music flawlessly, creating a truly unique sound all their own. AJ Blum, founding member and band manager, is fulfilling the band's quota on body buzzing bass riffs that are fluid and ever-evolving. With the addition of Aaron "Mystic" Chambers' lyrical skills on the mic and percussion, the sound is forever spinning in a fresh direction, and adding a new male/female vocal dynamic for Stacie and Mystic to intertwine. And newest member, Patrick Smith, is rounding out the rhythm section with edgy yet finely-tuned tempos. Expect intricately explosive soloing from both drummers. They've been playing together since 2012 including Bend, Oregon's Last Band Standing; where they were the 2012 champions and the 2014 4 Peaks Music Festival. Additionally the band has played in numerous festivals such as Bend Summerfest, Fallfest, and Munch and Music, and is currently expanding its range into the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Overall, this band likes to have fun, a quality that they bring to every show that they play.

Broken Down Guitars Parallel 44 Presents - McMenamins Old St. Francis School